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love accessories and accessorizing. I especially love jewelry it is my favorite. But so are belts, bags and scarves. Accessories are supposed to be fun. A black dress by itself is fine, but by changing the jewelry or adding a scarf or a belt, it can become amazing … over and over again.

We are passionate about offering everyone a one-of-a-kind shopping experience that is both extraordinary and memorable. We want to invite you into our world of jewelry and accessories, and encourage you to explore our website frequently, as our merchandise is always changing.

CallMeLeon is a name that is fun and playful — it represents the chameleon — and we want you to have fun and look good … changing your mood one accessory at a time.

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 Lori Lane
Owner, CallMeLeon

Call Me Leon | (732) 429-7132 | Shrewsbury, N.J.